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Jan 1, 2010 3:00pm EST
changed. khrushchev came to united states, and nikita khrushchev was my father and i am sergei khrushchev. and many interesting things there. political discussion. it was very serious talk, but also many funny things. and peter found all those funny things that he pulled them together in this book, showing how we can present the political person in the contemporary way you.and i'm trying to think at t time what i feel. and i was with my father on this trip. and for us, it was like -- for the christopher columbus discovery of america. and we discovered america for ourselves. we knew about america, but what we knew, america very different. we knew something that we learn from the 19th century america. and then this new world and we tried to find out how books, i found this book very interesting, but i just wanted detail of this book of the story, but from that aside, my first wish, was what you wrote this book. 50 years ago, visit from one leader of one country to the united states. i think there may be other leaders came here. sometimes khrushchev was eccentric. and president yeltsin was m
Jan 30, 2010 2:00pm EST
not demonstrated this capability. as the president of the united states noted in his state of the union address last night, the bank bailout was about as popular as a route canal. -- as a root canal. well, it appears that chairman bernanke will be reconfirmed, but i want to express with my vote that the leaders of president president obama's economic team must pivot from the necessary rescue of our major financial institutions to equally if not more necessary help to america's families. in prioritizing the recovery of wall street, leaders at the fed and the treasury, i believe, made significant errors in several key areas. failing to establish a due process mechanism to legally make adjustments to wall street pay, bonuses, and counterparty liabilities so they all had to be paid 100 cents on the dollar. hoarding the tarp reserve for banks long after banks were secure when families were desperate for help, but no, they clung to that reserve just in case the banks needed it. never mind the present need of american families. third, allowing the banks to prevent families in this chamber fighting aga
Jan 30, 2010 7:00am EST
been set aside from the budget to finance a high- speed rail projects throughout the united states. our next guest studies that as far as the rails concerned and what it does for job creation. his with the american transportation association and we will have that topic after this. >> american judge can be enclosed for spreading good will overseas debts >> i think so. over there, it is like a religion. they go over there and they live it. >> he was without question, the single most important figure in just in the 20th-century. >> q a date sunday on his biography on louis armstrong. >> to night, the history of executive power from george washington to george w. bush. this is part of our book tv weekend, on c-span 2. >> listen to cspan radio in washington at 90.1 fm. it is also if reapplication for your iphone. >> "washington journal" continues. host: our guest is the vice president for policy at the american transportation society. what does your association do text guest: they are at association of all the public transportation systems in the country and affiliated interests going back t
Jan 3, 2010 7:00am EST
in the united states had to be ground and because of money and power and they always say van dare was like family to bush. we're dealing with these leaders that making deals back home deals with people and then all of the sudden they come back you know and roost here and then you wonder why we're being attacked. we're spending our own money to give this money to these people for energy to come back and kill us with our own money. when we going to wake up? you know? it's like we're being directed in one way and then when we make deals with these people they're suppose to be the good guy and look what happens. host: thanks for the call. "washington post" says al qaeda benefits for decades worth of miss stepped in yemen. first of all u.s. commandos are trained encounter tactics. many say the war could arrive too late to change the trajectory in yemen. since the u.s.s coal attacked the nation has been past toward the illusion that the government is weak to control swats in the country. it's stretched thin and separatist movement in the south. it's got high employment unemployment rate and al
FOX News
Jan 19, 2010 3:00pm EST
-by-case basis. we spoke to one couple who adopted children and today dozens more arrived in the united states. the latest from jonathan hunt and the assistant secretary of state joins us live in 2 1/2 minutes. Ășn >> shepard: more from haiti and a update on a story we've been following, a orphanage with over 100 children, some waiting for adopt active parents in the united states are hungry and dehydrated. jonathan hunt has been reporting from the orphanage in port-au-prince and is live with the latest. hi, jonathan. >> reporter: shep, we got word about two hours ago there may be looters targeting this orphanage, the house of the children of god we reported from extensively over the last couple days. we rushed down to see if that was true. i'm happy to report it's not. the 135 babies and children here are all safe. for now. they still have know protection. there are still no haitian cops stationed outside this orphanage. in fact there are very few cops on the streets of port-au-prince at all, another sign of the almost total collapse of the haitian government. all three branches of the govern
Jan 16, 2010 11:00am EST
,500 kilos of cocaine stored at one time. as far as crossing the stuff into the united states there were arrangements. people, that is u.s. customs agents and immigration officers were paid off at the international bridges. when the federal place called me i told them i was just the made of the house that the notice i was wearing a brand new pair of converse tissues and retorted oh yeah then why are you wearing new converse? we are going to torture you with electric shock and everything else. so they took me to jail. i was 17 at that time. and that is a sort of story how people get involved in the drug-trafficking business at an early age to make money and they are exposed to these amazing circumstances. huge amounts of drugs, heavily armed people and a very dangerous lifestyle. so this is my friend the female drug lord. >> as a journalist and anthropologist i appreciate the power of the story, and this book is full of stories, which makes extremely rich in in detail. i wonder if you can tell sort of some of the most surprising findings that you gleamed from speaking to both traffickers
Jan 24, 2010 11:00am EST
stored there at one time. as far as crossing the stuff in the united states they were arrangements. people that is u.s. custom agents and immigration officers were paid off at the international bridges. in the federales colony i told them i was just the meat of the house but they noticed i was wearing a rainy pair of converse vanishes and retorted, why are you wearing new converse? we're going to torture you with electric shocks on everything else. so they took me to jail. i was 17 at the time. and that sort of a story about how people get involved in the drug trafficking business at an early age to make money and they're exposed to these amazing circumstances, huge amounts of drugs, heavily armed people in a very dangerous lifestyle. so this is my friend. >> as a journalist and an anthropologist, i really appreciate the power of a story in this book is full of stories. which makes it extremely rich in detail. i wonder if you can tell us sort out some of the most icing findings that you gleaned from speaking both to drug traffickers and drug agents or something you didn't expect or
Jan 25, 2010 8:30pm EST
associate broadcasters come a familiar face to c-span viewers. desert in the united states senate from 1996 to 2008 and he was on the covers committee during that time which is very much involved in telecommunications policy. our guest reporter this week, john edgerton. i want to start really so much but not communications but with supreme court decision this week. and i'm going to ask you what they're ruling on campaign finance means for your members. >> guest: well, i probably should just admit i never voted for mccain so i actually think it's a good decision for freedom of speech. ultimately you can't get on tv or radio without paying for it. broadcasters have lots of costs and production of content. and the american people rely on tv and radios and ultimately i suspect the means there will be more political advertising. but i think the best part of the ruling was full disclosure. i think the more that's disclosed, the american people can make judgment as for who is for whom and why. and an informed citizenry is the best. i think it does help in terms of retirement advertising is down. >
Jan 2, 2010 11:00pm EST
about the situation in uganda. will you please talk to us a little bit more about how the united states can protect the rights of lgbt people in those areas where their rights are not respected? >> yes. first, let me say that, over this past year, we have elevated into our human rights dialogue and a public statements a very clear message about protecting the rights of the lgbt community worldwide. we are particularly concerned about some of the specific cases that have come to our attention around the world. there have been no organized efforts to kill and maim gays and lesbians in some countries that we have spoken out about and also conveyed are very strong concerns about to their governments, not that they were governmentally implemented or even that the government was aware of them, but that the government's need to pay much greater attention to the kinds of abuses we have seen in iraq, for example. we're deeply concerned about some of the stories coming out of iran. in large measure and reaction, we think, in response to the elections back in june, there have been abuses committed
Jan 8, 2010 7:00am EST
on christmas day. we have 40 machines throughout the united states and in 2010 we will deploy 300 more of them. we may deploy more than that. >> enhanced security is one part of the answer but changes will have to be made with how the u.s. handles their intelligence. >> americans have grown used to the idea that the battle against al qaeda and the associates are taking place overseas. but what happened in this aiort was a reminder that as far as the enemy is concerned, america is also the frontline. this has raised difficult questions about how to battle this threat. >> the security agencies have now completed a review into what went wrong. > at this stage in the process it appears that this was not the fault of a single individual or organization, but a systemic failure across the different organizations and agencies. >> he was on the watch list and even his father had warned the officials that the sun was becoming more radical. today he will be driven through this note to this court room. some of those who were on the flight will also be there, to look at the man accused of trying to bring d
Jan 23, 2010 7:00pm EST
and bush outside the oval office where they pledged that the united states would help to rebuild haiti. >> it will be difficult. it is an enormous challenge to distribute the aid safely and quickly in a place that has suffered such destruction. >> i know a lot of people want to send blankets or water, just send your cash. one thing the president and i will do is make sure the money is spent wisely. >> what these men have said is true. it is still one of the most remarkable in the places i have ever been. they can escape their history and build a better future if we do our part. >> the united nations said the haiti disaster is the worst it has ever confronted. it is estimated that 200,000 people died with 2 million homeless. hundreds of thousands of people are still waiting for the aid to reach them. logistical problems and violence hindered the efforts. this report from port-au-prince contains a distressing images. >> this is port-au-prince from the air. you can see how these size and importance of the building was its curse. this was the supreme court. this was the presidential palace
FOX News
Jan 5, 2010 7:00pm EST
. major garrett at the white house. good to see you. thank you. the united states embassy in yemen is back open for business tonight after the terrorist threat forced it to close for two days. the embassy reopened after local counter terrorism forces say they killed at least two al-qaeda militants who were reportedly behind that very threat. other western embassies are reopening. many with limited services and very high security. now word of another potential missed signal before the attempted christmas day bombing. this involved a radical imam whom the feds were watching after linking him to the fort hood killings. more than two months before the failed attack. katherine is live, this goes way back to october. right? >> reporter: that's correct. we have obtained a radical cleric's blog posting from october 7 and in that, american who supports al-qaeda from yemen, appears to hint an attack is in the pipeline. he writes america cannot and will not win. there is no rolling back of the world wide jihad movement. when this new front of jihad starts in yemen, it might become the single most imp
Jan 18, 2010 10:00am EST
of this country that elected me, an african-american as the 44th president of the united states of america. rev. wheeler mentioned the inauguration. on the heels of that victory over one year ago, some suggested that somehow we had entered into a post-racial america. all those problems would be solved. there are those who argued that because i had spoke of a need for unity in this country that our nation was somehow entering into a period of post- partisanship. that did not work out so well. there was a hope shared by many that life would be better from the moment that i swore that oath. of course, as we meet here today, one year later, we know the promise of that moment has not yet been fully fulfilled. because of an era of greed and irresponsibility that sowed the seeds of its own demise, because of persistent economic troubles unaddressed through the generations, because of the banking crisis that has brought the financial system to the brink of catastrophe, we are being tested in our own lives and as a nation as you have been tested before. unemployment is at its highest level in more than
Jan 20, 2010 1:00pm EST
killed on khost, afghanistan, for their service to the united states and for other purposes. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the rule, the gentleman from texas, mr. reyes, and the gentleman from texas, mr. thornberry, each will control 20 minutes. and the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas. mr. reyes: thank you, madam speaker. i ask unanimous consent that all members have five legislative days within which to revise and extend their remarks on this resolution. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. mr. reyes: madam speaker, i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas. mr. reyes: on december 30, while many of us were watching football, traveling back from holiday visits with our families or preparing to usher in the new year with loved ones, seven members of the central intelligence agency family had their lives cut short in an attack on forward operating base chapman in khost, afghanistan. this was the deadliest day for the c.i.a. since the bombing of the beirut embassy in 1983. the news of this challengic -- t
Jan 5, 2010 5:00pm EST
at the united states and there's a lot of evidence that employment has been cut their rapidly and more significantly men in some sense warranted by demand. and this is reflected and so has investments in inventories it's that iraq and this is reflected much better than expected earnings of nonfinancial corporate, by the way not just in the united states but in europe as well in the course of a 2009. and a strong provincial position. this suggests to me that along with many others i expect a turn in the employment picture. especially given the latest numbers coming from the p.m. i, that suggest that we are still on a strong expansion path. the other two factors that i will point to one which go beyond deferring them souse, are in the order of importance i would say policies remain supportive in 2010. a large part of the stimulus package is still to be spent supporting to the omb. i think it's only about a third of the stimulus money has been spent in this country. financial support of the banking system remains. i'm actually encouraged by the fact that the largest banks in the united st
Jan 6, 2010 5:00pm EST
, however, is not to announce the beginning of yet another campaign for the united states senate, but to announce after 35 years of representing the people of connecticut in the united states congress, i will not be a candidate for reelection this november. i want to begin these very brief remarks by expressing my deepest gratitude to the wonderful people of connecticut, for the remarkable privilege of being elected eight times over the past four decades to our national assembly. you have honored me beyond words with your confidence. but me quickly add that there have been times when my position and actions have caused some of the to question that confidence. i regret that. but it is equally important that you know that i have never wavered in my determination to do the best job for our state and our nation. i love my job as your senator. i always have and still do. however, this past year has raised some challenges that insisted i take stock of my life. over the past 12 months, i have managed for major pieces of legislation through the united states congress. served as chair and
Jan 22, 2010 10:00am EST
. >>> the president of lynn university is demanding the united states do more to find the university's missing students and faculty. courtney hayes, britney, and they are sending a letter urging the government to find each american. the president of the university spoke about this yesterday. >> i join the families of the missing six contain a call of the whereabouts of the missing, the missing family member whether alive or dead must be returned to their loved ones. >> we spoke to the parents of the missing students early this week. they are also begging the government to step up the effort. president obama father to father, please send troops to the hotel montana. >> that man is len gengel, father of brittany and joins us by phone. len, your daughter's 20th birthday yesterday. i can't even imagine how difficult that was but how are you holding up? >> we're holding up, david. i want to thank you personally for getting that story out there. you folks have been wonderful. the american people need to understand this isn't just about the six missing lynn university people. this is -- there's 100 a
Jan 19, 2010 9:00am EST
. the united states of america needs to get to the hotel montana and get our children now! >> reporter: the university group of 14 had come to distribute food to poor haitian people the day before the disaster. the missing students were in their rooms when it happened, the teachers in the gym. the eight who survived, most of whom were by the hotel's pool, have spoken about wanting to come back here for their teammates. >> after we hugged our parents and loved ones and felt safe, we were all like ready to go back, because we're missing two professors and four other students. >> reporter: the family of courtney hayes from georgia has traveled to the dominican republic looking for information and for their child in hospitals. the parents of britney gangel, who were originally told she had been found alive, only to then hear the heartbreaking truth, can only wait and know that rescuers here are trying to help answer their prayers. >> we need a miracle now. >> reporter: with more than 100 people thought to still be inside, this place now represents the destruction that has befallen families
Jan 4, 2010 6:00am EST
people flying into the united states will face tough new security measures. the tsa saying enhanced screening will focus on people flying through countries of interest such as yemen, pakistan and nigeria. the enhanced techniques include full-body patdowns, body scans and thorough searches of carry-on luggage. >>> 2010, as we were saying, good morning to you earlier, it has turned out already fairly deadly for the united states and its allies in afghanistan. nato saying four u.s. service members died in a roadside bomb yesterday. a british soldier was killed in a separate explosion. last year was the bloodiest for coalition forces since the war in afghanistan started. 514 service members died. united states has started deploying 30,000 more troops to fight the taliban. >>> look at this image that we found hanging off a building in former president jimmy carter's hometown of plains, georgia. witnesses told affiliate walb it's an effigy of president obama with a rope around its neck. and one person says it had a sign with the president's name on it. the secret service is now investigat
Jan 22, 2010 6:00am EST
's to the united states. look at the babies taking care of babies. that bus had to turn around. the state department is allowing children with adoptions in process, already, to get temporary visas. officials will not accept kids if they cannot verify their paperwork is in order. such desperation. >>> california is getting another beating from the weather today. there's a state of emergency in parts of the state. hundreds are wait iing for evacuations to be lifted after the mud slides. in san diego, the longer the rain came down, the worse things got. >> this was a river. it was a river. it literally was a river. >> it was draining very well, even in the heavy rain. the pumps -- something must have stopped or part of them. the rain stopped and the water started backing up. >> conditions are bad now, but you may get a break from the rain soon. bob van dillen is keeping an eye on things. good morning. >> good morning. i want to start with the big picture. a couple storms are out there. the one from yesterday is back inland around idaho and nevada. you can see the frontal boundary as it exten
Jan 22, 2010 11:00am EST
.s. passport. >> yes. >> reporter: and you've made this trip between the united states and nigeria many, many times? >> yes. about 20 times. >> reporter: really. dating back how far? >> 1995. >> reporter: this is emmanuel's boarding pass from the flight on christmas day, flight 253. >> as the pilot announced the descent into the detroit area, this sound. >> reporter: five rose directly in front of him an explosive device ignites. >> people started screaming, oh, there's smoke, there's smoke. >> reporter: the plane lands and what goes through your mind. >> i just expressed to god thank you for my life. >> reporter: alive, but soon under scrutiny. his name and travel records flash red flags to government officials on the ground. cnn learned emmanuel was tracked in a massive database called taks. >> they were picking some people at random for questioning. >> reporter: did they ever say that you were part of a government database that tracks people when they fly? >> not at all, not at all. >> reporter: the government database houses everything from immigration violations and criminal records to w
Jan 22, 2010 5:00pm EST
operation is being done mostly by the united states, by the u.n., by the other foreign and international forces who have been coming here, but everybody is careful to say that it's done in coordination and at the behest of the haitian government. >> christiane, thanks very much. this important programming note. christiane's program will be lived from port-au-prince this sunday, 2:00 p.m. eastern. american donations to earthquake relieved now have topped $355 million, our brian todd has been tracking the flow of aid and the rescue efforts. he found himself at the center of an attempt to save a dying boy's life. >> reporter: those who run critical aid through this airport stung by complaints that supplies aren't touching down when they should, not getting off the tarmac fast enough now say they have streamlined the operation. >> the aid is flowing in, not only from the united states government and the united states military, but all around the world. >> reporter: officials say up to 160 flights a day are coming through, compared with about 25 just after the earthquake, but this is also whe
Jan 19, 2010 6:00am EST
, salute them at >>> haitian immigrants are allowed in the united states to get medicare. ordinarily there's a lot of paperwork and delay involved. some of that is set aside after the earthquake in haiti t. rule change is temporary to make sure there's medical care for orphans in the pipeline to be adopted. >>> an iowa couple trying to adopt two haitian orphans saw one alive on tv. they spent the last two years going through the adoption red tape. >> beautiful. praise god. praise god. >> now, the couple just learned they can get one child this week. they are applying for a humanitarian visa to bring the second child here. >>> a grot broken through a strip club. a goat. >> myself on the surveillance tapes, i wouldn't have believed it, either. >> the goat spent 30 minutes staring at one thing inside the strip club. that story is new for you this hour. >> you dirty goat, you. >>> more money has been raised for the victims of haiti's earthquake than in the wake of hurricane katrina. jennifer westhoven is here now. i think a lot of it has to do with the ease of the texting giv
Jan 17, 2010 1:00pm EST
the disaster zone to the united states. plus, as rescue crews pull more victims from the rubble, food and water remain in short supply. even as president obama offers prayers for haitian victims today, he's keeping an eye on u.s. politics. why a trip to massachusetts could make a difference between getting his health care reform passed or watching it fail. hello, you are watching hln news and views. i'm melissa long. there is a top official leading the u.s. relief efforts in haiti saying issues of violence are hurting rescue attempts to help the victims. while the streets have been largely calm, violence is increasing. about 1,000 u.s. troops are in haiti and about 3,000 others are working from ships. more than 12,000 u.s. forces are expected to be there tomorrow. they are working with local police force and they're beginning to work with security. violence in haiti will continue long after the story fades from the headlines. president obama speaks about how faith gets people through these tough times. >> it's faith that keeps me calm. it's faith that gives me peace. the same faith that leads a
FOX News
Jan 5, 2010 11:00am EST
the world, in britain and the united states as well. jon. jon: these reports of prisoners getting out of gitmo and going back to yemen to fight, what can you tell us about that? >> well, on very many levels, it's concerning. it's concerning, as i said, for nearby saudi arabia, because some of the gitmo detainees have been released , have gotten into yemen, and then they may be released to saudi arabia, gone into yemen and gone back to saudi, one tried to detonate an explosive device right next to one of the saudi princes recently, but we are hearing about a dozen of the former guantanamo detainees are actively involved now, at a rather high level, in this al-qaeda -- in al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula, the affiliate the based in yemen. we also are hearing reports of a high recidivism rate, 14 percent from those released from guantanamo get back into terrorism in some way and the biggest concern is what's due for the 91 yemenis released from guantanamo bay, what will become of them, what should become of them, so it's a pretty massive concern and neighboring somalia, the group al-sha
Jan 5, 2010 4:00pm EST
statements relative to the united states' position on the issue with the bombing and additional security that is takiki place right now at airports around the world. as you know, from have been increased security measures put in place at airports for people entering the united states, including patdowns, additional screenings and some cases they are hand checking luggage and going through every, single item that's inside a piece of luggage before allowing it to be put on board an therapy is inbound for the united states. the president, of course, was in hawaii at the time of this bombing, the attempted bombing of the flight that arrived in detroit, michigan a couple of weeks ago, and he has made strong statements in terms of what happened and why it happened. a lot of finger pointing has been going on for the past week or so over who is responsible for allowing this passenger to get on board with explosives in his underwear. you'll recall a gentleman from africa was on his way to the united states and attempted to ignite a substance packed in his clothing. people on board the flight wres
Jan 14, 2010 5:30pm EST
they will bring them. the shortages are in just about everything. today, planes from the united states, china, france, and spain were among those landing at the airport. the military making it possible for supplies to fly in around the clock. all the more critical because of heavy damage to the port. president obama warned it may take hours or days for all american resources to get on the ground. >> none of this will seem quick enough if you have a loved one he was trapped, if you're sleeping on the streets, if you cannot feed your children. but it is important that everyone in haiti understand at this moment one of the largest relief efforts in our recent history is moving towards haiti. >> but mobilizing the ever- expanding international relief effort is only the first step. the logistical challenge of turning that into search and rescue operations for all the collapsed buildings, into medical help needed for the injured, and food and walter and shelter -- food and water and shelter for all those without homes is a nightmare. they are battling to cope. >> there are many people who survived,
Jan 4, 2010 6:30pm EST
-- mourning, and they are grieving for their son, now in detention in the united states. they are grieving for what he attempted to do -. but, in fact, the alleged bomber's father, seen here, did take serious steps to try to rein in his son, who he thought was being radicalized during a state in yemen. a nigean intelligence agency and the american embassy in nigeria was told by yemen about his concerns. surprisingly, neither seems to have taken his warnings seriously enough. the vast majority of well- meaning nigerians will be appalled, but under the new regulations, and their country comes under the same category as a failed state, such as somalia. there are some doing entirely legitimate business with the united states and the rest of the world, but welmeaning nigerians also note that the man who attempted to blow up that claim held and nigerian passport. there is a reaction to the united states. >> we feel that we do not deserve that. it is not representative of 115 million nigerians. he was not trained in nigeria. it was outside of this country. generally, nigerians do not have terrori
Jan 22, 2010 6:30pm EST
. -- port-au-prince. and early today, the united states ambassador ken merton and the secretary-general in haiti signed a statement of principles on field coordination between the u.s. in haiti. the u.s. government has the haitian earthquake response continues. the statement re reaffirms the primary responsibility of he before the response but notes the scale of the disaster and the urgency of the humanitarian relief requires a comprehensive and coordinated international response. the un is coordinating the international response consistent with its mandate as established by the united nations security council and the united states will continue to assist the people and government of haiti in every way that we can. ambassador kenneth martin for the united states and edward mulet. >> who from the haitian government signed that? >> it was a statement of principles between the haitians and the u.s. government on how we will cooperate on the ground in haiti. >> is there a country? >> i said it. >> is there an official? >> no. >> why do you need such an agreement between the u.s. gov
Jan 27, 2010 10:00am EST
, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.] the speaker: the house will come to order. the prayer will be offered by the guest chaplain, rabbi galstein. the chaplain: our god and god of all of all of our ancestors, we ask that the light of your presence guide the hearts and linds of the leaders of this great nation gathered here today. may the wisdom of your teachings guide them to act for justice and to lift up the stranger, the orphan and the widow. open the hearts of our leaders with your compassion. help them to lead with integrity always remembering that your wisdom resides in every heart as the deepest truth of our humanity. may our leaders always remember that your guidance is not in the heavens alone nor far beyond the seas but within each of us, in our mouths and in our hearts to carry into action in the world. may our leaders, therefore, serve as beacons of justice and compass
Jan 30, 2010 12:00am EST
an african-american child that's waiting in the united states and do so within a year. because there are many children that are basically orphaned, if you would say, in the united states that are waiting for homes too. but haiti, we don't know when they're going to open up again. we don't know. it's undisclosed and it could be years, but she can start -- >> larry: so it's easier to adopt a black american child than a haitian child? >> exactly. and it's actually less expensive and the children are waiting. they want loving homes. >> larry: less expensive. >> yes, because you're not traveling. >> larry: before the quake, was it easier to adopt from heighty? >> it was. but unless you had your paperwork going, you cannot adopt from haiti at this point. >> larry: t-boz, anything you want to ask mardie? >> actually, what she said is what i've been hearing, and that's why i answered the question that way. like, if it's still possible. because every time i call someone, they say that it's been shut down, you can't do so. and then they offer, you know, ethiopian children or any other ethnic type of ki
FOX News
Jan 22, 2010 7:00pm EST
today that the supreme court of the united states decided the case of roe vs. wade. the case that legalized abortion in america and set up decades of bitter battles between pro choice and pro life. today, in a kansas courthouse, that battle and those strong sentiments were again front and center and, if defendant scott roeder has his way, abortion itself will be on trial when the testimony begins. still, the judge says this trial is not about that debate at all. he says this is about murder and one that scott recorder has roeder already confessed he did commit may 31st, 2009, at a church with dr. tiller was serving as an usher. >> i was talking with dr. tiller and making kind of small talk when i noticed the door -- that door that would be on the left there open up and the gentleman entered. >> witnesses say that man walked right up to dr. george tiller and pulled the gun. >> i saw a flash and i heard a popping that, to me, sounded like a balloon popping, then i saw dr. tiller just fall flat on his back. i saw an assailant. i saw with his hand out and still had the gun in his
FOX News
Jan 4, 2010 11:00am EST
to the united states and the obama administration argues by keeping it open it's not only a propaganda tool but a tool that al-qaeda and its various allyies -- although is used to encourage attacks on the united states like the kind on christmas day. the united states says it's committed to closing guantanamo but the timeline is more extended than the president originally hoped. he originally set a january 10 meeting, as the deadline but it's clear it will not be closed before 2011 at the earlier. jon: i know the administration doesn't like the phrase war on terror but if there is a war on terror going on, yemen seems to be the new front, is that right? >> it is a newer front, as far as public perception. the administration would argue it has been focused on yemen since it arrived here, as was the bush administration to a certain degree. david petraeus, head of central command, was on yemen on saturday, john brennan told chris wallace he had been twice this year and yes, the administration is trying to beef up its counterterrorism to the yemeni government. one concession, if the united stat
Jan 5, 2010 12:00pm EST
in making the decides united states and in fact the world safer. >> guest: the president since he came to office has been trying to sound that theme. he traveled overseas, trying to, at least, at least make, make the words that come out of the president be about more cooperation and so on. and i think he is going to try to incorporate this theme, which is, you know, the concern about terrorism and, perhaps something that, has been gone into the background, under his presidency, until now. he is going to try to merge those two things and you will probably hear him talk about cooperation overseas to help make everybody safe. >> host: let's go to the phones. our first call comes from jacksonville, florida. william on our line for independents. good morning. >> caller: good morning, sir. good to see you. i like you. you're pretty informative. hello? >> host: go ahead, william. >> caller: yes, sir. how do we fight an enemy that don't wear no uniform, number one, the terrorists? that is the crazy thing i ever see. can nobody speak the language over there? can nobody go to yemen or afghanista
Jan 11, 2010 7:00am EST
created by the workers and laborers. my name is ray and i will attempt to run for united states congress in georgia. host: what district? caller: well, it will be statewide. in 1994 i ran in the first district. host: "the wall street journal ," it back to the lead article. morristown, new jersey, the republican line. caller: my wife worked in wall street for years. one of the things i find very interesting about -- everybody's basic comments about the bonuses is, while the ceo's may make a fair amount of money in bonuses and compensation, the reality is that the common people who work for these companies do not make this kind of money and as one of the previous callers indicated, it tends to be you rely on your bonus in order to get you through the year. we've made very little money back then and when you live in a metropolitan area like new york or even washington on los angeles, every little bit makes a big difference. people ae not making huge amounts of money. just enough basically to pay the bills and get by. you get to the center of the country, where a lot of irate people are cal
Jan 25, 2010 11:00pm EST
consortium approve the drug and it is approved in the united states but-- reports they are not recommend so to things really, with you look into this personally and see what you can do and also what we'd do-- whenever that might be to make sure the inequalities in the health system largesse? >> i appreciate what you are saying. rheumatoid arthritis is a very unfortunate condition for people to have and people are looking rightly for the best years in the best treatments that is possible for it. when a new drug comes know, people want to know if it is available to them as quickly as possible so we have changed the rules, which is the organization that confirms that the drug can be given to the national health service, so that they are obliged to move forward with the drugs that are recognized as quickly as possible. .. about the future of the service that every individual has the guarantee achievement available and i think once people know these things are available to them there will be reduction as a result of that. yes? >> primm minister, david stringer from the associated press. on afgha
Jan 9, 2010 6:30pm EST
, clearly the united states is sending a strong message to the taliban, getting a bit of its own revenge. but the reality is that the united states has to rely on these advanced predators against a force that has no air force of its own. no advanced artillery and no satellite intelligence. and eight years after this conflict began the united states is having difficulty holding its own. >> and robin, we knew you were in beirut the last time the cia was attacked in this scope. you heard what the security director said, did you see a breakdown s this simply the risk that they face? >> well, clearly it's the risk they face. i think leon panetta is right. the reality is, 27 years after the first attack wiped out almost an entire cia station, the united states should have known better. this is a counterintelligence failure. >> robin wright, thank you. >>> meantime, the families of the fallen cia officers are now laying their loved ones to rest. in many cases these families had no idea the men and women they lost were working the front lines for cia. here's david kerley. >> reporter: it is a si
Jan 17, 2010 8:00am EST
of the work of herman kahn starting in 1967 for the united states in the early '80s for the soviets, it was actually a short reduction in arms, way below debating on how you count anywhere from 70 to 90 plus% below where we were in 1967. warheads got smaller as accuracies improved, etc. ironically, we are now seeing with iran and pakistan and north korea, the prospect of a world because of proliferation where you're going to have a whole bunch of countries who have these weapons, who already have them, but the proliferating them, at least north korea's case, where the iranians if they get it, there wasn't anybody over there doing that kind of thinking. and did you get in the mideast as a result of the iranian nuclear weapon, you could easily get saudi calling up islamabad saying would you guys like to sell if you? none of these countries i waited, both united states and russians the better part of 20 years to do, which was think through these things, learn from some experiences and with the cautions instinct of kennedy and khrushchev and khrushchev had to restrain castro who is read
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Jan 8, 2010 5:00pm EST
day for vice president of the united states. joe biden lost his mother today. she was 92. today, a king would have been 75. fans of elvis presley, the king, gathering at graceland today and around the world to celebrate the late singer's birthday. presley died in 1977 at the young age of 42. the glenn beck program returns in a moment but first bret baier has a preview of what is on "special report." >> hey, uma. coming up, the administration still tries to explain why it did not know al-qaeda in yemen was a real and serious threat. job numbers and how both sides of the aisle are reading them. join me at the top of the hour for "special report." >> oh, what a week we have all just endured. while the democrats were rewriting the federal take-over of healthcare behind closed doors, the public face of the federal government was fixated on denying and then explaining all the gaps in its intelligence gathering. the obama administration has been finger pointing over who in the government let a murderous thug on a plane in amsterdam that he tried to explode over detroit. first, the gove
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Jan 13, 2010 9:00am EST
the president to speak any minute now on the tragedy in haiti and what the united states is doing right now to get help, where it needs to go, about 730 miles off the coast of florida in haiti. i want to get to those remarks, we'll take you straight there. we're also expecting at the white house senator harry reid and speaker of the house nancy pelosi at the white house over the next ten minutes or so. democrats we're told maying closing in on a final house and senate deal. so we may start to see the formulation of an actual agreed upon health care reform bill very close in the works there. care line shiveley is at the white house, while we await the president to speak. care line, have we got a bill? >> reporter: not quite yet. wouldn't it be great if they walked out the door and said here it is and handed us the 2000 pages? we're not expecting that today. we do expect them to get closer. we're told harry reid moments ago walked in the side door of the white house, nancy pelosi, probably close on his heels. the schedule has been rearranged this morning because of the president's statements
Jan 13, 2010 6:00am EST
are killed or injured. they have no emergency services to rely on now. the united states is trying to help with civilian and military aid. they are also sending in rescue teams. >> the main thing that is are needed are search andres cue and immediate assistance for food and water for people trapped in buildings. the search andres cue is going to be a priority for the government and organizations in haiti. >> with so many of the phone and power lines down, we are getting word from your fellow viewers, i-reporters in haiti. jonathan works with a church group and here he is describing what he saw. >> three-story houses collapsed on to the one below it. i saw fences, block wall fences fallen on a motorcycle. one woman, i could only see her head, the rest of her body was trapped under the fence, under a block wall. she had, obviously, i think she was dead. she has blood coming out of her eyes, nose and ears. >> an american airlines flight from haiti to miami was boarding when the earthquake struck. some chose not to get on. the flight took off and landed safely. passengers say they weren't exac
Jan 12, 2010 1:00am EST
connell saying that about an african-american candidate for president of the united states, trust me, this chairman and the dnc would be screaming for its head very much as they were with trent lott. >> trent lott was forced to step down as senate majority leader back in 2002, after saying in a public speech essentially the country would have been better off if voters elected strom thurmond in 1998. let's dig deeper with our panel. joining me, soledad o'brien. roland martin. senior political daily writer for the daily beast. wrote an interesting piece about this on the daily beast. if the republican had said this would people be freaking out more? >> absolutely. look, let's be honest about it. there is a double standard. here is the difference when you begin to dig deeper. that is you look at a person's history. you look at also what they said and the context of what they said. and so if you're talking about senator trent lott, when you look at the comment, america would have been better off had he been elected, he ran on a segregation ticket as a dixiecrat. you hear that comment, it
Jan 3, 2010 10:00pm EST
for the united states and the west. the u.s. government today close its embassy in yemen's capital citing the possibility of terrorist violence. britain has shut down its embassy as well. president obama's assistant for homeland security and counterterrorism explained the decision on cnn's "state of the union." >> i spoke with our ambassador in yemen, ambassador sesh, both this morning as well as last night, and there are indications that al qaeda is planning to carry out an attack against a target inside of sanaa, possibly our embassy, and what we do is to take every measure possible to ensure the safety of our diplomats and citizens abroad. so the decision was made to close the embassy. we're working very closely with the yemeni government on taking the proper security precautions. >> as we've been reporting, u.s. centcom commander general david petraeus was in yemen just yesterday for talks with that country's president. >>> the u.s. embassy is in the capital of sanaa. the ambassador is steven seche, a career foreign service officer who's been with the state department for nearly 30 ye
Jan 30, 2010 7:00pm EST
that change coming to america was not happening quickly enough. >> the president of the united states. >> he is the first african- american with such fanfare on state of the union night. 15 million americans out of work on my record budget deficit -- out of work, a record budget deficit. >> we do not give up. do we do not quit. >> almost everything he said came back to the economy, from credit to small businesses, funded by loans to wall street's, to infrastructure and clean energy projects, to the promise of new jobs. >> people are out of work and hurting. that is what jobs will be the number one focus of 2010 and that is why i'm calling for a new jobs bill tonight. but the president's signature initiatives, universal health care, is now on my support in congrs, lacking the votes to become more. -- is now on life support in congress, lacking the votes to become more. >> not now, not what we are so close. let's find a way to come together and finish the job for the american people. >> foreign policy was almost a foot note, with renewed pledges to be out of iraq by the end of august, and to b
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Jan 19, 2010 1:00pm EST
the united states, but those within the outside or national community who have wanted the united states to engage those countries directly to at least see what can be achieved. new sanctions. they say that is a byproduct of the engagement and being tough on the north koreans. iran, the administration admits it has nothing to show for its engagement. there is no solid movement by the international community toward sanctions. the white house says it will continue to pursue both tracks, meaning dialogue and if that does not work sanctions. i talked to lee hamilton about the alternatives and maybe some of the conservative criticism. here's part of his response. >> what are the options? well, the options are the bombs away. i don't think many people think that is a very good option, particularly with regard to iran at the present time. talking is better than fighting. it is better to jaw, jaw, jaw, than to war, war, war, said churchill. i think that is pretty good advice. >> reporter: lee hamilton, a prominent foreign policy voice and early supporter of the n candidate obama. he also told me
Jan 4, 2010 6:00pm EST
leitimate business th the united states andhe rest of the world, but well-meanin nigerians also note that the man who tempted to blow up that claim held and nigeri passport. there is reaction to the united states. >> we feel thawe do not deserve that. it not representative of 15 million nigeans. he was not trained in nigea. it was outside of this country. gerally,nigerns do not have terrort sentiments. >> on the reets, the i oad agreement. >> it could happen in geria. it could happen awhere else. >> i feel terrib about i. >> what was aost a tragedy for early 300 pssengers and ew on board a fght into detroit has now become aew problem for t people of nigeria. they pbably will not mind the extraecurity at airports so mu as delaymany of them now fear they will have in gting visas go abroad. nigeriis a country that lis and breathes with its business connections. some of those cnections may foa while become more fficult. bbc news >> now, in the past, presidential elections havetorn ukraine apart. the nextote in the next few eks could produce moreplits. the country ha had aurbulent relat
Jan 4, 2010 5:30pm EST
to you. security has been tightened for thousands of passengers flying to the united states. from more than one dozen countries. the christmas-day at 10 by a nigerian man has had far reaching consequences -- the christmas day attempt. countries including at the sudan and yemen and pakistan now face fall by the scans and pat downs. >> president obama has returned from holiday to face a wave of issues. >> we are conducting an internal review. the president has called for a whlole of government review, based on what we know now. >> this is the scene at one of the busiest airports. there was one man who went into a secure area. thousands of passengers had to go through security all over again. flights were grounded. the man was not fast. >> so we can all go back through. as you can see, it is an absolute chaos. >> be more security, as far as i am concerned, the better -- the more security. >> they patted me down, and they literally did it a full body, -- did a full body, legs and everything. i had just not seen that before. >> iran, syria, sudan, and cuba. kenmore, including afghanistan, n
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